The Path of Belonging – September 11, 2022 – Rev. Kevin Tarsa

The Path of Belonging
Unitarian Universalist Community of the Mountains
September 11, 2022
Rev. Kevin Tarsa
with Gail Johnson Vaughan, Worship Associate

Do we long to belong? What does it mean to belong? Is it a destination or perhaps a journey? Are we on the path or perhaps we are the path. Join us as we explore this surprisingly provocative subject.

Song for Gathering Welcome Here 

Opening Words A Blessing Called Sanctuary by Jan Richardson ( from Circle of Grace, read by Carol Nimick, Jeff Gold, Tracy Pepper, Gail Johnson Vaughan, and Rev. Kevin  

Song for Gathering Open My Heart #1013 by Henry S. Flurry (  

Water Ceremony   

Reading We Are All Longing to Go Home by Starhawk, read by Gail Johnson Vaughan 

Gathering of the Waters 

Welcome Gail Johnson Vaughan, Worship Associate 

Land Acknowledgement read by Corrie Silva 

Lighting of the Chalice by Rev. Karen LeBlanc, read by Gwen Eymann  

Singing our Children on their Way  

Joys & Sorrows 

Prayer & Meditation Alphorns by Lynn Ungar in Breathe, read by Rev. Kevin Tarsa 

Song I’ve Got Peace Like a River #100 by Marvin V. Frey 

Our Wider Belonging Ingathering in this Liminal Time, Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, UUA President

Homily The Path of Belonging, Rev. Kevin Tarsa  

Reflections How do you know you belong here? Members and Friends of UUCM

Offering Gail Johnson Vaughan 

Offertory Toby Thomas-Rose, piano  

Dedication Gail Johnson Vaughan 

Thank you 

Closing Song We Would Be One #318, words by Samuel A. Wright, music by Jean Sibelius, arr. Kevin Tarsa 

Closing Words   

Community Benediction / Extinguishing of the Chalice   

Music for Going Forth