There’s a River Flowing: Are you in?

There’s a River Flowing: Are you in?
Unitarian Universalist Community of the Mountains
September 10, 2023
Rev. Kevin Tarsa
with Gail Johnson Vaughan and Cheryl Morris, Worship Associates

This year’s Water Communion service not only invites us to celebrate the importance of true community, every more vital in these times, it will also invite members to claim, truly, their deep ownership of UUCM and its continual creation. As one larger framing offers, it’s in part a conscious move from being consumers to being citizens.  

Song for Gathering Shall We Gather at the River by Robert Lowry (adapted)
Sung by UUCM Choir
with River Call by Manish Mishra Marzetti, read by Gail Johnson Vaughan and Rev. Kevin Tarsa

Welcome Gail Johnson Vaughan

Greeting One Another

Land Acknowledgement  Beryl Raven

Lighting of the Chalice words by Krista Tippett, read by René Wiley 

Wisdom for All Ages  A River Reminder, Rev. Kevin Tarsa and Rivers

Song  There’s a River Flowin’ #1007 by Faya Rose Toure   

Reflection  There’s a River Flowing. Are you in?  Rev. Kevin Tarsa

A Ritual Gathering of the Waters

Gathering of the Waters

Blessing of the Water by Ranwa Hammamy, read by René Wiley and Rev. Kevin Tarsa

Music The Water Remembers by Jason Shelton
            sung by UUCM Choir, Toby Thomas-Rose, Director

Offering  Gail Johnson Vaughan, Worship Associate 
with Ali Stefancich, Education and Outreach Coordinator, Sierra Streams Institute

Offertory  Toby Thomas-Rose, piano

Dedication  Gail Johnson Vaughan 

Thank you & Announcements

Closing Song  Woyaya #1020 words and music by Loughty Amoa, Solomon Amarfio,  
Robert M. Bailey, Roy Bedeau, Francis T. Osei, Whendell K. Richardson, and Mac Tontoh
arranged by Jeannie Gagne

Closing Words

Community Benediction / Extinguishing of the Chalice  
                Carry the flame of peace and love until we meet again.   

Music for Going Forth