UU Principle #4: One Man’s Quest for Truth and Meaning – July 24, 2022 – Pete Sabey and Gail Johnson Vaughan

UU Principle #4: One Man’s Quest for Truth and Meaning
Unitarian Universalist Community of the Mountains
July 24, 2022
Pete Sabey and Gail Johnson Vaughan
with Jenny Dewey, Worship Associate in Training

The fourth principle calls for us to affirm and promote the free and responsible search for truth and meaning. How do we do that when living in an era fraught with untruths? And how do we find spiritual meaning amidst the daily assault on reason?  No doubt you have wondered the same. Join us as we explore this provocative topic together.

Greeting Rev Kevin Tarsa 

Song for Gathering Where Do We Come From #1003, words by Paul Gauguin, translated from French, music by Brian Tate 

Land Acknowledgement read by George Dunstan 

Welcome Gail Johnson Vaughan   

Lighting of the Chalice written by Gail Johnson Vaughan, inspired by Shawn Trapp, read by Dave MacLeod 

Opening Words The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost, read by Pete Sabey 

Wisdom for All Ages There, written and illustrated by Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick, read by Olivia Rivers Samson 

Singing the Children on Their Way  

Joys & Sorrows Rev. Kevin Tarsa 

Prayer & Meditation  

Song The Star of Truth #297, words by John Andrew Storey, music by Dede Duson 

Reading What Humanism Means to Me, by Helen Bennett, director of Adult Religious Education in the UU Friendship Fellowship in Rockledge, FL, read by UUCM Humanists, George Dunstan, Wally Holtan, Dave MacLeod, Sharon Walters 

Pete’s Story One Man’s Quest for Truth and Meaning, Pete Sabey in conversation with Gail Johnson Vaughan 

Offering Gail Johnson Vaughan 

Offertory Toby Thomas-Rose, piano 

Dedication Gail Johnson Vaughan 

Thank you 

Closing Song Sing Out Praises for the Journey #295, words by Mark M. DeWolfe and Joyce Painter Rice, music by Kevin Tarsa 

Closing Words from The Road Less Traveled by Scott Peck, read by Gail Johnson Vaughan  

Community Benediction / Extinguishing of the Chalice  

                   Carry the flame of peace and love until we meet again.