What Hurts? – March 19, 2023

What Hurts? 
Unitarian Universalist Community of the Mountains
March 19, 2023
Rev. Jan Onnie

Join us as Rev. Jan points the way to turn our interpersonal vulnerabilities into strengths. Much of what shapes our responses to matters large and small are unresolved hurt feelings. Sharing them makes us vulnerable.  A community of non-judgmental listeners can help us learn to trust that we will be heard, although not necessarily healed. Through this process we can turn our vulnerability into the strength to own our scars and find common experiences with others unlike ourselves.

Greeting Gail Johnson Vaughan 

Land Acknowledgement Theresa Houtman 

Welcome Cheryl Morris 

Lighting of the Chalice/Opening Words by Rev. Scott Tayler, read by George Dunstan 

Song (Hymn) #1002 Comfort Me 

Wisdom for All Ages The Story of the Bandaid, told by Rev. Jan Onnie    

Joys & Sorrows Gail Johnson Vaughan with George Dunstan, Lay Pastoral Care Team Member 

Prayer & Meditation Sending You Light, by Melanie DeMore & Julie Wolf (music video) 

Song #1037 We Begin Again in Love composer Les Kleen, words by Robert Eller-Isaacs  

Reading Our Whole Life is Sign Language, by Rev. Jan Onnie 

Sermon What Hurts?  Rev. Jan Onnie 

Member Moment & Offering Tom Wernigg 

Offertory Toby Thomas-Rose 

Dedication  Tom Wernigg 

Announcements – Gail 

Thank you – Gail 

Closing Song #101 Abide with Me – Gail leads 

Closing Words Meditation by Rev. Jone Johnson Lewis,  read by Cheryl Morris 

Community Benediction / Extinguishing of the Chalice