UU Spirituality

Spirituality is a word much used but seldom fully understood or universally accepted. This is inevitable, as it deals with that which eludes neat definition or objective analysis. The realm of spirituality is essentially wordless.

Spirituality is about connection, which can be explored and understood in four different ways.

  1. Connection with nature.
  2. Connection with meaning and purpose.
  3. Connection with that which transcends the self in time and space.
  4. Connection with one’s own inner being, one’s deepest self.

Regardless of the language which speaks to them most clearly and convincingly about how best to understand their personal spirituality, most Unitarian Universalists (UUs) would understand their spiritual life as a quest to live in an authentic way which connects their mind, their heart, and their spirit. UUs have always placed a high premium on their religion making intellectual sense and so thoughtful, critical engagement with ideas and the use of reason are important.

Some UUs are very rational in their approach to religion, and so are uncomfortable with the concept of spirituality. Other UUs are more driven by their intuitive selves, and so are receptive to mystic enlightenment.

The challenge for UUs is to marry their reason with their intuition, the wisdom of ancient faith traditions with their own personal experience of life, the tension between nourishing the soul and serving the world.

It is a never-ending journey we choose to undertake with each other as committed travel companions.