You are welcome to participate in all UUCM programs and services, whether a member or friend or occasional visitor.  However, as a self-governing democratic congregation, only members are allowed to vote or hold office.

Being a member means not only that you are entitled to participate in the congregation’s governance and decision-making, it also means that you have certain privileges relating to access to the minister’s time.  Membership also comes with some expectations.

Being a member at UUCM does not means that you are subscribing to a particular theological doctrine, nor are you required to denounce other religious institutions with which you might have associations.  However it does denote that this is a religious community with which you want to be identified and which you want to support.  As such, there are five basic expectations of members.

1.  Members are expected to take their spiritual/religious life seriously.  This means attending worship services and other programs as often as possible.

2.  Members are expected to contribute in some way to UUCM’s well-being.  This can take several forms – serving on a committee, helping with work parties on the building and grounds, or preparing snacks for Sunday’s Social Time.

3.  Members are expected to contribute financially.  UUCM has no external sources of income, but is reliant on its members.  We do not demand a tithe but offer guidelines to help you assess your own level of giving.

4.  Members are expected to contribute in some way to the well-being of the world.  UUism has always had a strong commitment to social action

5.  Members are expected to tell others about UUCM.  We are not a proselytizing faith, but we do believe we have something of value to offer and want others to know about us.

If you are interested in membership, or just want to know more about UUCM, there are three Orientations held each year – in October, January and April.  Contact Kathryn Young or 530 478 1329 for details.