It is the presence and participation of people like you that help to make this Community what it is and what it can be as we seek to create a world more compassionate, sustainable, and just. You are welcome to participate in UUCM programs and services, whether a member, a friend, a newcomer, or a repeat visitor.

That is where the “path” to membership in UUCM begins.

  • Attending Sunday services and participating in other programs is the starting place for getting to know this community, the people in it, and its mission. Come several times and check things out. Through these experiences, you will likely begin to sense whether and in which ways this community meets you where you are in your life journey, how it might call you to grow, and what you might want to bring to the Community.
  • On the first Sunday of a month, most months, join other newcomers for a brief “meet the minister” session with Rev. Kevin, from 10:45-11:15, between the two services. Ask your initial questions about this congregation and this Unitarian Universalist tradition. You are also welcome at any time to arrange to meet with Rev. Kevin on your own. He’ll be glad to hear from you.
  • Next, sign up for a one-session introduction to Unitarian Universalist principles and sources. It’s a chance to meet a few others, have fun, and to begin to orient to where this whole UU thing is coming from.
  • Once UUCM starts to feel like it might be the spiritual home for you, and you are wanting to explore some more, let Rev. Kevin or our Membership Chair, Dawn Bateman, know. Dawn will invite you to participate in the next Starting Point series, a 4-session series to introduce you to other newcomers as well as members, and to introduce you to Unitarian Universalism and this congregation more deeply. These are great chances to connect and will help you know even more deeply whether this is the community for you and your journey.
  • The final steps toward membership in UUCM are meeting privately with the minister, signing the Membership Book, and making a pledge of record (within your means). And, honestly, that is the beginning. Membership in a community is an unfolding journey, and joining marks one important point in the journey.

What does it mean to be a member?

Being a member means not only that you are entitled to participate in the congregation’s governance and decision-making, it also means that you have certain privileges relating to access to the minister’s time. Rev. Kevin reminds us that the most significant change when a person becomes a member is the change in how that person feels about the congregation. The community is no longer “them,” but “us,” no longer “theirs,” but “ours.” It is a powerful and wonderful internal shift that calls us to deeper connection and service.

Being a member at UUCM does not require that you subscribe to a particular theological doctrine, nor that you denounce other religious institutions with which you might have associations. However it does denote that this is a religious community with which you want to be identified and which you want to support. As such, there are five basic expectations of members.

1.  Members are expected to take their spiritual/religious life seriously. This means attending worship services and other programs as often as possible. We know how much this benefits the member.

2.  Members are expected to contribute in some way to UUCM’s wellbeing. This can take several forms – serving on a committee or ministry team, helping with work parties on the building and grounds, or preparing snacks for Sunday’s Social Time. It is important to us that the ways you serve also bring you joy.

3.  Members are expected to contribute financially. UUCM has no external sources of income and so relies on its members. We do not demand a tithe but encourage generosity within a member’s personal circumstances. We do offer guidelines for giving and we encourage conversation with the minister.

4.  Members are expected to contribute in some way to the wellbeing of the world. UUism has always had a strong commitment to social action and to investing in the wellbeing of our wider communities.

5.  Members are expected to tell others about UUCM. We are not a proselytizing faith, but we do believe we have something of value to offer and want others to know about us. When this community offers something of real value, we hope and trust that this good news is something you’ll want to share.

If you are interested in membership, or just want to know more about UUCM, please contact Rev. Kevin: minister@uugrassvalley.org or (530) 274-1661

We look forward to our journey together!