The late John Lewis urged everyone to get into “good trouble.” UUCM will be designated a Good Trouble congregation if we meet at least four of the seven criteria established by UU the Vote for participation in the 2022 election. The Bending the Arc task force has accepted this challenge and the work to become […]

Time to Mail Virginia Postcards

Great job on Virginia Postcards for the general election! Early Voting Starts on September 23 so you can begin mailing your cards Monday Sept 5 – Nov 5.

  • Don’t wait, the sooner the get them the sooner the buzz starts in Norfolk and don’t forget to put your dots on the Tally Jar Poster in the lobby.
  • We only have a few packets left to be adopted. Please pick up one Sunday if you can.
  • Only want to do a few postcards? Come join our postcard writing parties before and after Sunday services

Justice Night | EVs and the Clean Energy Economy

There is probably an electric vehicle in your future.

On Wednesday evening get your questions answered by a panel of your UUCM friends who own electric vehicles Join Cheryl Branch, Gayle Schultz and Bob Branstrom, along with a guests who own a hydrogen car.

Join us in-person at 5:30PM with a potluck at the church.

Discussion will begin at 6PM and also offered via Zoom.

Share the Plate Update

UUCM’s July Share the Plate recipient, Nevada County Habitat for Humanity, will receive $766.50 thanks to generous UUCM members, friends and visitors. Those weekly donations add up! Thank you, all.

Phone Bank Training

Phone banking is a valuable tool for justice seekers. Why? Because it works. For example, in the 2020 Georgia Primary election at least 60% of the voters contacted through phone banking did vote. Over one-half of these voters were first-time or infrequent voters. Are you apprehensive about making cold calls? If so, this training is […]

Justice News

Join the “Get Out the Vote – Postcard Club” The UUCM Bending the Arc Task Force invites you to be a member of our “Get Out the Vote – Postcard Club.” We know how important it is to get registered Black infrequent voters to vote in the General Election – with an emphasis on early […]

8th Principle

Initiative #2 of the UUCM Bending the Arc of Racial Justice Task Force is to ask UUCM members to vote to adopt the 8th Principle at our Annual Community Business Meeting in May 2023.  In turn, that decision will inform our 3 delegates attending the June 2023 UUA General Assembly. As determined by the membership […]