Board Committees

Board Committees exist to help the Board govern, are under the direction of the Board and are accountable to the Board for their performance. Committees investigate, write reports, make recommendations, and gather information that allows the Board to make practical and prudent decisions for the Community. The Board writes and maintains Committee Charters and assists the Committees in establishing goals that support the Board’s objectives.

These are groups of dedicated individuals who carry out the shared ministry of this Community, offering opportunities to serve, to connect to others, to grow, and to offer one’s skills and gifts.

If any of the Committees below intrigue you, they would be glad to connect with you.

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Committee on Shared Ministry

The purpose of the UUCM Committee on Shared Ministry (COSM) is to strengthen the quality of the shared and mutual ministry within the Community by assessing the various areas of ministry one by one and making helpful recommendations. The Committee on Shared Ministry is mandated by UUCM’s bylaws and is a committee of the Board. […]

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Finance Committee

The Finance Committee manages the overall finances, investments and assets of UUCM by working closely with the Treasurer, the Board, and Stewardship Committee.  We develop the annual budget needed to fulfill the UUCM mission by collaborating with the Board, Staff and other Program Leaders. The committee is composed of the Chair, Treasurer, Assistant to the […]

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Endowment Fund Committee

The UUCM Endowment Fund Committee manages and administers UUCM’s Endowment Fund, which was established to help sustain and grow our UUCM community and its programs over the long term. The Committee is also responsible for promoting the various ways that the congregation can contribute to the UUCM Endowment Fund. The Committee, in conjunction with its […]

nominating committee

Nominating Committee

The UUCM Nominating Committee compiles a slate of qualified nominees for open positions on the UUCM Board of Trustees and the Nominating Committee itself for the coming church year which runs from July 1 through June 30. If an elected position is vacated before June 30 each year, UUCM Nominating Committee may be asked to […]