February is Love!

How appropriate is it that the theme for the month of February is Love! This is the month of Valentines Day of course, but it’s also a time of new beginnings of many things. In the world of UUCM, Rev Jan Onnie has joined us as our sabbatical leave minister, we have hired Aiden McCarthy to be our new Kids Connection teacher (mentored by Lindsay and myself), and one of our new members Cheryl Spaulding has decided to join our Family Ministry Team. Out in the world of nature, February is when we see the first signs of new growth of plants and animals. This “stirring of the seeds” happens both underground and in the buds of the trees. We will likely see the first blooms of daffodils and fruit trees this month. And we celebrate this new growth with a ritual in the pagan tradition on Saturday February 11 at noon in our Sanctuary.

Other activities this month include:

YUUth DnD led by Rowyn Karow, details TBD

Scrabble Club Saturday February 4 at 10 in the Sanctuary

Community Book Swap Sunday February 5 from 12-2 at Brown Banana Books on Maltman Drive in Grass Valley

All Ages Service by Lindsay on Sunday February 19

What is new in your yard? In your heart? In your world?