UUCM Hospitality and Fellowship Social Hour Overview

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If you have helped, are helping, or would like to help with UUCM’s social “fellowship” hour, thank you for the gift of your time and talents and for making our church a friendly place! Hospitality Team members provide important service contributions that are very important to the success of our church. The fellowship time between the services is a chance for our community visitors and members to get to know one another, and your help with the refreshments, setup and cleanup provides a cheerful atmosphere in which to share.

What do Hospitality Team Members do?

Yes, they will get the coffee made and ensure that hospitality does not fall on just a few good souls – we would love to have a very high percentage of our active congregants serve on Hospitality Teams. But more importantly, they give our fellowship other benefits: Connection – New members of each Team can connect with a subset of all congregants; all of us at once on Sunday mornings can be overwhelming. Friendship – Team members can get to know one another better; you can learn a lot about two or three other people while making coffee and putting out food with them. Empowerment – People on Teams feel they “own” the building; they know where things are and how they work, and can creatively solve problems when they arise. Leadership – Being on a Team lets people try minor roles as leaders; some go on to enjoy larger responsibilities such as being a Team Facilitator. Atmosphere – Sunday mornings are friendly and lively at UUCM; perhaps our enthusiasm overwhelms shy visitors, but at least few people get ignored! We have FUN! Memories – We create fellowship memories together as a community.

If you have any questions regarding serving on a Hospitality Team, please contact Marilyn Young, our hospitality coordinator, at (916) 203-5962 or hospitality@uugrassvalley.org .