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So the Dough Isn’t Ready – March 28, 2021 – Rev. Kevin Tarsa

Watch for the service video. Soon! So the Dough Isn’t Ready Rev. Kevin Tarsa Unitarian Universalist Community of the Mountains March 28, 2021 delivered via Zoom Rabbi Rachel Barenblat’s wonderful reading, “Ready” from her Velveteen Rabbit’s Haggadah for Pesach, preceded the sermon. OF KNEADING BOWLS I have my great grandmother’s kneading bowl. Well-used, slightly rough, […]

In This Moment, In This Breath – January 10, 2021 – Rev. Kevin Tarsa

Underneath our differences, we can recognize a set of universal human needs, says the Rev. Cat Cox. That’s the place to start, she teaches, if we want to get past what feel like irreconcilable differences. This Sunday, we focus on our interpersonal relationships as we continue to explore the crucial zone of possibility between stimulus […]

Imagine – January 3, 2021 – Rev. Kevin Tarsa

What is the place of imagination in our lives – our spiritual, emotional, and intellectual lives – especially in these times? We begin the new year by introducing our January theme of Imagination, and meet again the Roman god Janus as he looks back and looks forward. But what about NOW?

Find a Stillness in the Inner Voices – December 27, 2020 – Rev. Kevin

When we are in stillness, we are more apt to hear the still small voice, the one that sometimes comes with insistence – at other times, almost shyly. What is that voice? Is it the voice of God? Is it our higher self? Is it our inner knowing? Whatever it is, this is an opportunity […]

Christmas Eve 2020 Candlelight Service – December 24, 2020

UUCM Christmas Eve 2020 Candlelight Service: music, candlelight, poetry and singing to touch the spirit of this night. Greeting  – Rev. Kevin Tarsa  Song for Gathering  The First Noel  – The Rivers-Samson Family: Olivia, Allison and David   Opening Song  Once in Royal David’s City #228  – Jordan Thomas-Rose, with Michael Bankston, trumpet; Kate Canan, flute […]

A Teddy Bear Christmas Pageant – December 24, 2020

A Teddy Bear/Stuffed Animal Christmas pageant for pandemic times, with some soft and beloved friends. Special thanks to casting director and scene designer, Delaney Sherr, who was assisted by Greg Sherr and Rev. Kevin René Wiley for the idea and invitation, as well as for prop wrangling Jordan Thomas-Rose for the music, with an assist […]

Solstice Eve Celebration – December 20, 2020

A Solstice Celebration to celebrate the dark and the light as we pause to mark the turn around this edge of the year. Chanting, poetry, story, silence and ritual. Have your candle and your noisemaker ready! Share the link with your friends who might appreciate the service, and take time to settle in yourself. Beth […]