The Bombshell and the Butterfly – April 17, 2022 – Rev. Kevin Tarsa

In this day and age we don’t have to look far for bad news. Stress and anxiety are the constant companions of so many of us. Many know this Sunday as Easter, a season celebrated in so many faiths and religious traditions as a time of resurrection and hope. Join us in a special morning as we too awaken out of what feels like an ending into new life, new hope.

Together We Rise – April 10, 2022 – Rev. Kevin Tarsa

There’s no better way to awaken than to the aroma of freshly baked bread – warm and delicious with lots of the very best ingredients combined to bring out the best in each. UUCM is like that too. Join us this Sunday to consider how each of us brings our unique selves as a critical ingredient to everything we create together. 

Architects of Fate: Building a New Way – March 27, 2022 – Rev. Kevin Tarsa

“All are architects of fate, working in these walls of time,” wrote Longfellow. The religious tradition we inherited and call home is always a work in progress. Perhaps especially now. We continue to renovate this spiritual abode in our time, drawing on our skills and gifts, and using the materials at hand. Are you a brick layer? A roofer? A painter? A carpenter? A plumber? Someone who sews the seat cushions and curtains, or someone who landscapes the entry? 

What Circle? – February 20, 2022 – Rev. Kevin Tarsa

What Circle? – Toxic polarization, cloudy conflicts, and the need to change our ideas about changeUnitarian Universalist Community of the MountainsFebruary 20, 2022Rev. Kevin Tarsa, with Grace Kendrick, Worship Associate Impossible. Frightening. Dangerous. That’s how it feels. In The Way Out, Peter T. Coleman takes head on the pressing question, “What can we do to […]