Interdependence Days

April 7, 2024: For several months, Rev. Kevin put out a call for people interested in planning a service together focused on the theme of interdependence. Seemed natural enough. However, there were no takers. Hmmmm… Rooted in the aspects of Citizenship lifted up earlier in the year, we’ll figure out this service together, beginning with a one-day instant choir which will rehearse before the service. […]


March 31, 2024: Renewal, resurrection, and rebirth is the invitation and celebratory focus of many spring holidays and holydays in northern climes, rooted in the miracle of returning green life and growing sunlight and warmth after the protective stillness and pulling-in of winter. Come, celebrate the new in you ready to be born. (Easter bonnets/hats optional.) […]

Psst! The Shadow Knows

March 24, 2024:The Shadow refers to all the aspects of our selves that we refuse to acknowledge – the “good” as well as the “bad” – that nonetheless impact the way we behave. Because we cannot see into our blind spots (think about those unnerving driving blind spots) there is often a difference between who we think we are and who we really are as we move through the world. The life-long spiritual journey involves coming to know, accept, and integrate all the parts of our selves. This Holy Week let’s risk taking a peek behind us. […]

Round and Round the Earth is Turning

March 17, 2024: At the yearly balance point of dark and light known as the Spring Equinox, we pause to celebrate the symmetry of the celestial sphere of which we all are a part. We’ll create a community altar from found objects as we honor Nature during this Earthy, ritual-based service.  

Stretch, Moisturize, Plan, Enjoy: On Turning 30

March 10, 2024: Two years’ worth of 30th Anniversaries have begun for UUCM. This Sunday, with a little inside scoop from Anita Wald-Tuttle, we celebrate the anniversary of the very first service held by the fledgling group of local UUs in March 1994. A few of the folks who gathered that day are still here! Let’s glance both backward and forward together and lift up gratitude for those who have made UUCM possible.  […]

Like No Other Being: You Do You!

March 3, 2024: Also available as a podcast on our YouTube channel!
The Four in us (Enneagram-speak again), the Individualist, is the deeply feeling part of us that sees our self as fundamentally different from others. In our search for our own clear identity, this sense of uniqueness sometimes anchors us and sometimes leads us to feel perpetually misunderstood, or that something is missing or deficient in us. At heart, this is our search for significance, a journey we travel as individuals in community.  […]

An Egg in the Hand

February 25, 2024: These days, some students learn to practice the realities of parenting by tending to fancy simulator babies for a time. Earlier, a lower tech teaching tool reigned: students were handed an egg or a hollow eggshell and asked to keep it with them and to keep it whole and safe for somewhere between two days and two weeks. Results varied.  

This Sunday, the morning after our lively stewardship kick-off dinner, we consider the precious egg in our own hands. […]

To Be Loved as to Love

February 18, 2024: Also available as a podcast on our YouTube chanell!
The Enneagram 2-ness in us (The Helper, the Altruist, The Lover) is the part of us that longs to be loved, and loved for exactly who we are. This can be the part of us that is most genuinely and generously helpful to other people or, sometimes, the part of us that is most highly invested in seeing ourselves as helpful. In our pursuit of justice and equity – and in so many other areas of our lives – we and those around us benefit when we’re able to know and notice the difference.  […]

To Claim a Life of Joy and Justice

February 11, 2024: Lest we imagine that claiming joy, investing in equity, and fortifying justice are someone else’s journeys, we’ll pick up and follow some of the threads woven through last Sunday’s service, maybe even leading to the center of our own hearts. Come, consider ways to nurture our own particular blends of presence, peace, and resilience, as we bring our unique voices to the choir that longs for a world more compassionate, sustainable, and just.  […]

Joy Unspeakable

February 4, 2024: JOY! Yes, joy… perhaps not where you would expect us to begin this month’s theme Exploring the Gifts of Justice and Equity. Join us this Sunday as we weave together a service of music, poetry and prose that invites us to glimpse how “joy unspeakable” has sustained Black people in America through suffering and survival. Therein lies an invitation to contemplate how Unitarian Universalist joy allows us to fulfill our mission to create a world more compassionate, sustainable and just. […]