Featuring… Ruth Ghio

Starting this Sunday, the library here at UUCM will feature the artwork of our own Ruth Ghio. Ruth has a wide range of talents and subject matters, including bold acrylic paintings in both realistic and abstract styles, large pottery pieces, and ceramic masks and plaques.

Over the years, Ruth has developed a wide span of artistic styles and subject matter. Her art ranges from celebrating the simple shape of the egg to complex abstracts to intriguing human studies. Her work in acrylics ranges from quite small canvases to quite large, and sometimes she strays into works of clay and ceramic, one of her other artistic loves. Her work is bold and colorful and expresses the enthusiasm she brings to the rest of her life.

Ruth did not start out as an artist. In elementary school, all of the children in her class laughed at a drawing she had made, but her supportive teacher helped her develop her skills in all areas, artistic as well as academic. She dipped her toe into the art world again in junior college, but did not get the same kind of supportive understanding that her elementary school teacher had provided. She thought she was done with art.

But art was not done with Ruth. She doesn’t remember when she took it up again, but now it is an integral part of her life. She has taken lessons from a variety of teachers over the years, learned a lot about putting paint on canvas, and found she really enjoyed the experience of painting with other people. She attributes the variety of styles she employs to her love of experimentation.

Ruth’s official reception has been scheduled for January 7th (after the busy holiday season), but her artwork will be on display now through mid-January. Stop by, have a look, and leave her a message in the guest book.