Rev. Jan Message – January 26, 2023

Greetings to the UUCM Community:

As your sabbatical minister I wanted to say a formal ‘hello’ and tell you a little bit about our next four months together.

My bio is on the website (go to ‘About’, then click on ‘Staff and Board’). I’m happy to answer any questions or hear where our lives might intersect. But I wanted to assure you that this renewal time for you doesn’t mean I’m here to shake things up. You are a healthy group of folks primed for growth both in breadth and depth. Your leaders are super-competent and dedicated to UUCM. You have a fabulous minister. It speaks well of you that you have given him the time and space to re-charge his batteries.

My role is to support you. This means contributing to your excellent weekly services. Your Worship Team is creative and enthusiastic about crafting excellent, meaningful worship and I am looking forward to working with them to continue that initiative. I am also here to support the Caring and Lay Pastoral Care Associates. To that end I will be available for pastoral care issues and concerns as needed. Finally, I will be attending Board meetings as an observer, although I have been encouraged to pipe up if there is something I can offer from my past experiences in congregational governance. Judging from your Facilities Committee’s very thorough and transparent report, you have governance well in hand.

I live in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, so I’m in the Eastern time zone — three hours later than you. Email is still my preferred method of communication. I am generally available Monday-Wednesday-Friday from 10am-2pm Pacific Time (that’s 1pm-5pm Eastern time). BUT! In an emergency please don’t hesitate to phone or text me at 530-278-5091. I try to close out my day at 9pm (that’s 6pm your time) but want to support UUCM-ers in urgent and traumatic situations.

I am deeply grateful for this opportunity to serve UUCM and am excited to see how the next four months unfolds. With optimism for the journey ahead, I am …

Rev. Janet Onnie (Rev. Jan)