Unitarian Universalist CREATIVE Community of the Mountains – May 21, 2023

UUCCM & The 7 Moons Symphony Unitarian Universalist Community of the MountainsMay 21, 2023Gail Johnson Vaughan and Tracy Pepper, worship associates Creativity exudes in so many ways within the UUCM community. At this service your spirit will feast on a banquet of creativity prepared by UUCM featuring story writing and illustration, photography, visual art, music, and […]

The Iowa Sisterhood

This Mothers’ Day, we celebrate the women who moved Unitarian Universalism into the West and reignited women’s rights movements. Gail Johnson Vaughan stepped in as worship associate. Greeting Gail Johnson Vaughan Land Acknowledgement read by Gail Johnson Vaughan Song for Gathering Hymn #357, Bright Morning Stars  Welcome Rev. Janet Onnie   Lighting of the Chalice Mother’s […]

The Creative Spark – May 7, 2023

The Creative SparkUnitarian Universalist Community of the MountainsMay 7, 2023Lindsay Dunckel, Randy McKean, Tracy Pepper The Creative Spark Creativity is central to the spirituality of many UUs – the creative spirit can be understood as a core life force. Join in as we play with our creativity and ponder what role it plays in creating […]

Todos Iguales – April 30, 2023

Todos IgualesUnitarian Universalist Community of the MountainsApril 30, 2023Lindsay Dunckel Have you heard the saying “We are the people we have been waiting for?” Come hear the story of the Mexican-American families in Lemon Grove, California who fought an attempt to create a segregated school for their children in the early 1900s. Their courageous acts […]

David v. Biandrata – April 23, 2023

Our tradition has a history of people resisting the dogma of their times. The story of Ferenc David and Georgio Biandrata rivals the best of courtroom dramas. The verdict resonates today with the struggle over the fate of the Rosia Montana gold mines in Romania – the same part of the world where David was martyred. […]

The Artists are Here to Disturb the Peace – April 16, 2023

In an interview with James Baldwin in 1961, this statement rang true: “The artists are here to disturb the peace”. This small phrase came at an opportune time, predating the Black Power Movement. In this way, Hooper will explore where are the artists today and how do we curate unrest for change?

Emma’s Revolution – April 2, 2023

A musical service to inspire us to action inwardly and outwardly. Known for fearless, truth-telling lyrics and melodies you can’t resist singing, Emma’s Revolution is the dynamic, award-winning activist duo of Pat Humphries and Sandy O.

The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering – March 26, 2023

They say grandmothers are a vulnerable group, but what happens when they gather, one by one, to stand witness together. Join us as we turn this service into a Readers’ Theater directed by Catz Foresman with an all-star UUCM cast. Worship Associates Cheryl Morris & Gail Johnson Vaughan.

What Hurts? – March 19, 2023

What Hurts? Unitarian Universalist Community of the MountainsMarch 19, 2023Rev. Jan Onnie Join us as Rev. Jan points the way to turn our interpersonal vulnerabilities into strengths. Much of what shapes our responses to matters large and small are unresolved hurt feelings. Sharing them makes us vulnerable.  A community of non-judgmental listeners can help us learn […]