Update on Welcome to Andou/St Fort Family

Moustapha Andou and sons Daniel (8) and Samuel (4) are moving rapidly toward completion of many paperwork activities, and the boys began school last Wednesday and seem to be happy and doing well, although it is clear that the boys suffer from the “secondary trauma” of beginning a new school in a new language, and immediately following their departure from Haiti and their father Nazaire, whose status and travel approval we continue trying to expedite. All three are progressing rapidly in English as a second language.

We are grateful for those who have contributed time, many household items, and money in support of Moustapha and the boys. Today we are most needing help in transporting the boys to school occasionally, and transportation for Moustapha to some of the appointments that are still pending for medical and other services. She plans to begin preparing to take the driving tests and then able to do much of the school driving, and search for work. And for those who can contribute financially, the number of anticipated and unexpected expenses is substantial. After using 225,000 frequent flyer miles for 3 tickets to San Francisco, we anticipate a significant airfare to bring the Dad Nazaire to be reunited with his family.

We are especially grateful to the UUCM Justice Team for sponsoring the September 9 Welcome event and ask that you all attend and meet the family in person.