Leadership Resources

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UUCM Leadership Directory

For an up-to-date list of our Staff and Board please view here.

Committees exist to help the Board govern, under the direction of the Board and accountable to the Board for their performance.

  • Committee on Shared Ministry
    OPEN, Chair
  • Endowment Fund Committee
    OPEN, Chair
  • Finance Committee
    Carol Richey, Chair
  • Health & Safety Committee
    OPEN, Chair
  • Nominating Committee
    OPEN, Chair

Ministry Teams exist to carry out the ministry programs of the Community in service of the Mission. Teams are created, charged, supervised, dissolved by and accountable to the Minister, in consultation with the Ministry Council. 

  • Ministry Council
    Rene Riley, Lead
  • Art & Aesthetics Team
    Robin Hart, Lead
  • Audio-Visual Team
    Bob Miller, Lead
  • Building & Grounds Team
    Wally Holtan, Lead
  • Caring Teams
    • Parish
    • Caring@uugrassvalley.org
    •  Gwen Eymann, Lead
  • Family Ministry Team
    Jo Waters, Lead
  • Hospitality Team
    Elizabeth Rose, Lead
  • Justice Team
    Keith Johnson, Co-Lead
    Bob Miller, Co-Lead
  • Membership Team
    Kate Canan, Co-Lead
    Laura Harter, Co-Lead
  • Stewardship Team
    MaryAnn Currington, Lead
  • Worship Team
    Gail Johnson Vaughan, Lead
  • Book Group
    Theresa Houtman, Lead
  • Humanism Discussion Group
    George Dunstan, Lead
  • Men’s Group
    OPEN, Lead
  • Music
    OPEN, Lead
  • Singing Meditation Circle
    Rev. Kevin Tarsa, Lead
  • Soul Matters Circles
    Jo Waters, Lead
  • Spirituality Sharing Circle
  • Walking Group
    Theresa Houtman, Lead
  • Women’s Circle
    Kathryn Young, Lead
  • Writer’s Group
    Eileen Hale, Lead

Leadership Forms

Leadership Forms, along with policies and procedures can be found here.

Leadership Resources

The UUA offers an extensive library of leadership videos,  online classes, and resources.

Overview of Leadership Resource Page.


Questions? Email Mary at Communications@uugrassvalley.org

There are many platforms to get your information out to UUCM members, friends and the greater community.

For ARTICLES: to go into the monthly Newsletter or the online blogs – please use the Newsletter Submission Form – These are longer news items that typically do not dates/times (events) associated with them.

For ANNOUNCEMENTS: to go into our weekly email, social media, website or Sunday slides – please use the Announcement Form. These are events or shorter informational news pieces. Your announcement will be placed in every suitable publication, that you request, for which the deadline has not yet passed.

You will be contacted if there are any questions or missing information. Proof reading and editing (for clarity, conciseness, and grammatical correctness) may take place.

The following communication platforms are available to publicize a UUCM activity, event, or another newsworthy item.

Note: The intention is to promote items where requested, and where requested, taking into account space limitations as well as sensitivity to communication saturation.

Choose where the item should be posted when the form is submitted.

  • The Website: Listed on the calendar, the blogs, or as an announcement
  • The Mountain Chalice: The monthly pdf newsletter
  • The e-Chalice: The weekly email
  • Sunday Slides: Shown during the Sunday morning Service (number is limited).
  • Social Media: UUCM Facebook and Instagram Pages – feel free to follow and like us – then SHARE our posts to help promote us to the greater community

Items will not be published the same day that it is submitted. It is best to submit early to ensure there is time to adequately share.

Websiteas needed
Social Mediaas needed
Mountain Chalice20th of the month
e-Chalice2 weeks in advance
Sunday Slides2 weeks in advance
Your role is to ensure that your group/team/committee’s information is up to date. If any information needs to be changed on the website, for events, or who receives the group email please follow the info below.
  • Keep your website group/team/committee page current by reviewing them at least once a year. Simply submit any updates by using the Update My Website Form.
  • Keep your group’s email recipient current so the right person is receiving them. Email updates to admin@uugrassvalley.org
  • Use the Announcement Form or Article Form to publicize your events or announcements.
What if something changes (date, time, location, cancelled) after submitting my announcement?

We understand that changes happen. Please use the Update My Announcement form to submit your changes as soon as you know of them so we can update any announcements right away.


Questions? Email Carol at Admin@uugrassvalley.org

Step 1: view the building calendar HERE to see what activities are taking place on campus and what rooms may be available.

Step 2: complete the Room Reservation Form by clicking the button below.

Please wait for confirmation of room reservation before submitting announcement.

Complete the ‘Reserve a Room’ form by clicking the button below and choose a zoom room. You’ll be contacted with the zoom link and info once it is created.