Ministry Teams

Ministry Teams exist to carry out the ministry programs of the Community in service of the Mission. Teams are created, charged, supervised, dissolved by and accountable to the Minister, in consultation with the Ministry Council. Team leaders must be voting members of the Community.

These are groups of dedicated individuals who carry out the shared ministry of this Community, offering opportunities to serve, to connect to others, to grow, and to offer one’s skills and gifts.

If any of the teams below intrigue you, they would be glad to connect with you.

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Art & Aesthetics Team

The Art and Aesthetics Team was created to facilitate and improve the environment of UUCM to be visually and spiritually sustaining. The A&A Team is responsible for creating visual displays and artistic pieces around the church, including working with the Minister and Worship Associates on the visual elements of Sunday services, and collaborating with UUCM […]

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Audio-Visual Team

Worship services require many technical components to bring our message to the community, to the people in the room as well as those online.  From sound to video and everything in between, our Audio-Visual Team provides support for these needs. No experience, only an interest, in audio, video, editing, or computers are necessary to be […]

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Building & Grounds Team

The Building & Grounds Team manages our day-to-day facility needs and goals for improvements for our church’s physical environment. We then seek volunteers that are willing to help us meet those needs through work parties and project development. These are individuals who like doing projects, repairs, or working outside in gardens and yards. They are […]

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Caring Teams

The UUCM Caring Teams offer two different kinds of support at times of special need: parish care, meaning short term practical support (meals, rides, etc.) and pastoral care, meaning deep accompanying for longer periods of time. […]

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Family Ministry Team

UUCM’s Family Ministry Team plans, organizes, and oversees UUCM events that serve children, youth, families, and multi-generational connections. Our mission is to hold an intentional space in which all people can grow, discern identity, explore values and beliefs, and learn to act with courageous compassion in the world. […]

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Hospitality Team

Hospitality Team members help organize and serve refreshments after Sunday services, including setup, hosting, and cleanup. The goal is to provide a warm, relaxed, cheerful (and yummy!) atmosphere in which newcomers and members can connect and get to know one another. Are you willing to sign up to help on given Sundays? To bring some […]

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Justice Team

Live your values aloud, not alone! UUCM’s active Justice Team supports learning and action toward a more just community and world. The Team oversees, supports, and helps focus UUCM’s justice initiatives, primarily through the work of UUCM’s task forces voted on by the congregation. The Justice Team is a thinking, planning and oversight group keeping […]

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Membership Team

The UUCM Membership Team accompanies people along their entire membership journey, from first time newcomer to long-time member. If you love to help people feel at home and welcome, are drawn to help others find belonging and meaningful connection or want to help other know the value and joy of membership, this may be just […]

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Ministry Council

The UUCM Ministry Council serves to coordinate the Ministry Teams and their work to fulfill UUCM’s Mission. The Council is made up of Ministry Team leaders, paid staff (as available), the Minister, a Chair or Co-Chairs, and a Board representative. A Council Chair, recruited by the Minister, organizes, and conducts Council activities and meetings. Frequency, […]

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Stewardship Team

The UUCM Stewardship Team is honored with the rewarding work done in tandem with the Minister, the Board and church leaders to: Nurture in the congregation a culture of abundance. Design programs which focus on that culture of abundance and the development of the genuine spiritual roots of generosity. Cultivate an attitude of gracious giving. […]

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Sunday Greeter Team

People get an initial sense of a congregation within the first few seconds of arriving, and how they are greeted makes a tremendous difference in those first moments. UUCM Greeters are usually the first personal point of contact that members, friends, and guests have before a Sunday morning service. Creating a welcoming and inviting space for all who choose to join us on Sunday morning is important to UUCM. Greeters provide an enthusiastic and warm welcome for all, provide basic information and direction regarding the church, and assist in several other meaningful ways. […]

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Worship Team

The Worship Team aims for shared ministry, alongside the minister, in planning and promoting worship services of quality and meaning. With the minister, the committee maintains and coordinates the schedule for all services and arranges for worship services when the minister is absent. […]