Every person has their own way of getting involved with a congregation. Some people are natural joiners and are comfortable introducing themselves, going along to new events, and making new friends. Others are more introverted and naturally reserved. We hope to welcome and embrace all, and will be glad to know how we can best welcome you.

We do know that getting connected and finding some group of journey partners is important in becoming part of feeling like you belong in a community. Come, check out any of the events and offerings listed on the website, in the order of service, or in the weekly and monthly newsletters.

See our “Finding Community at UUCM” brochure (being revised) to get a sense of ongoing groups, gatherings, and volunteer opportunities. Sign up for email updates to find out about current events.

If you are not seeing a natural entry point, or even if you are, consider speaking with the Minister, Rev. Kevin Tarsa, so that you and he can talk about your particular interests, talents, and availability of time.  He will be pleased to hear from you. You may contact him at (530) 274-1661 or minister@uugrassvalley.org.