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Rev. Kevin reminds us that the most significant change when a person becomes a member is the change in how that person feels about the congregation. The community is no longer “them,” but “us,” no longer “theirs,” but “ours.” It is a powerful and wonderful internal shift that calls us to deeper connection and service.

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Exploring Membership

You are welcome to participate in the life of the community and activities here without being a member. Exploring small group activities is encouraged and is a great way to get to know UUCM and connect with others. While there is no requirement to become a member of UUCM, membership does deepen one’s commitment and experience.

Both the UU101 Orientation and the Starting Point Series will help you identify what’s available at UUCM. These workshops explore the benefits of religious community, the history of UU, and will help you engage ways to meet your personal needs. These workshops are designed for both newcomers and existing members to strengthen connections, a sense of belonging, and enhance personal growth.

Please reach out if you are curious about Unitarian Universalism or have any questions. We are happy to make introductions or assist you in your exploration of what it means to make a commitment to actively participate in a religious community. All religious backgrounds, ages, sexual orientations, gender identities, economic status, and races are welcome here.

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The Path to Membership

Interested in learning more about what it means to become a member of UUCM? When you start to wonder about membership, that is where the Path to Membership begins. The first step […]

We hope that UUCM will be a good fit for your emotional, spiritual, and emotional growth. Please email, or call our Administrator at 530-274-1675, or call Rev. Kevin Tarsa directly at (530) 274-1661.

UUCM Mission

With courageous love and a sense of wonder,
we cultivate our spiritual, emotional, and intellectual strength
to create a world more compassionate, sustainable, and just.

Shared Ministry

In our tradition and in our congregation, members hold ultimate decision-making authority through their ability to define bylaws, elect Board members, call or dismiss a Minister, and articulate the mission of the Community. Through the bylaws, the members delegate day-to-day decision-making responsibility and authority to the Board (Governance) and, by the Board’s delegation, the Minister (Ministry).

Read about UUCM’s Mission Focused Governing Structure for the full scoop.

Governance and Ministry

The Board and the Minister


-the Board holds responsibility for governance
-the Minister holds responsibility for ministry

The Board of Trustees governs primarily by discerning the Mission, planning for the future, and providing oversight of compliance with the Articles of Incorporation, UUCM bylawsUUCM policies, and all legal requirements. The Board monitors and safeguards human and material resources of the Community and governs through written policies. The Board oversees and creates committees to assist it in its work.

The Board delegates its authority to manage the day-to-day work and resources of Ministry Programs to the Minister as Head of Staff, except as expressly limited by UUCM Bylaws and current policies. In collaboration with the Ministry Council, made up of representatives from each of the Ministry Teams, the Minister manages the work of UUCM Ministry Teams to carry out the ministry programs of the Community in service of the Mission. The Minister is accountable to the Board for the performance of the ministry teams and for fulfilling the Annual Ministry Goals.